Tempo 2 – new workout

September 16, 2008 at 9:07 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

So I worked out last night for the first time since last Tuesday. Right after dinner, P, K2 and I took a walk. Including the time we spent at the park, we were out for almost an hour. It was really nice out and P had a good time at the park. So did K2 – he swang a little and sat on a blanket on the grass a little. P slid down the slides and did some swinging of her own. Usually if there are other kids on the big jungle gyms, she stays away and just watches, but last night she got right up there with them.

After the walk, they both had a bath and then basically went to bed. And I did my new Tempo 2 workout. For some reason I thought the workout was only 39 minutes, but it was actually 49. Something to keep in mind next time I think I’m doing a shorter workout. It was quite difficult, going through many of the exercises without pauses “for instruction”. I felt good afterward. And since I’d taken a 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon, not tired at all. I didn’t get to bed until midnight and even then I didn’t sleep well until after 2 AM. It was a rough night. I guess I need to keep that in mind next time I’m so tired that I can barely sit up – napping might help in the short-term, but it just makes it hard to sleep at night. So a better solution is to go to bed early when I feel like that. Of course, if I hadn’t napped, I wouldn’t have had energy to go for a walk AND workout.

Yesterday was P’s first day of school. Without going into a lot of detail, suffice it to say that she had the exact opposite reaction I thought she’d have. She gave me a kiss and cheerfully watched me leave. And I was the one crying the whole way home. What a switch! My mom apologized for not warning me that I’d be emotional – apparently it is a typical mom thing to cry on the first day of school for the first child. But regardless, I was expecting HER to be the one freaking out. But it was good, and I was so proud of her for being so mature about it. And she loved it and was excited to go back today. She goes for 3 hours in the morning on M-Tu-Thu. I don’t know why they do those three days instead of the typical M-W-F, but its fine. When she got out of bed and stopped wanting to stay in bed, she was excited to go again today. So I’ll pick her up on my way to the office today, with K, K2, and cousin A in tow.

Weighed in at 226.5 this morning. I’m not weighing every day, but I’m trying to monitor because I don’t need to be gaining weight for the pregnancy yet. I’m eating when hungry, sometimes when I’m not hungry, and I plan on working out at least 3 times this week with a couple walks mixed in. Haven’t gone to see the doctor yet and still need to arrange to meet with a midwife and start doing research on home-births.


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