That Week is Over – Yay!!

September 14, 2008 at 10:47 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

So one of my craziest week’s ever is finally over. Unfortunately, I have a feeling there will be more and more like it as my kids get older.

Wednesday – P got her princess cake and really loved it. I took pictures, but then my BIL took the card so he could download some stuff since it used to be his camera. Hopefully, he left the card at my mom and dad’s on Friday when he and my sister moved to California. P received some fun gifts and had a blast playing with the boy from across the street (from now on will refer to him as BFATS), her 2 cousins Z and M, and all her toys. They were most focused on her little girl guitar and the glow bracelets and glow necklaces that we got them at the dollar store. The cake didn’t actually taste very good in my estimation – but I don’t really like cake. It was kind of spongey and tasted weird from being cold. The frosting was tasty, but the flavor of the cream cheese frosting didn’t really go with the flavor of a plain white cake. I’m not really worried about it because it looked AWESOME. If I do say so myself. My first ever attempt to really decorate a fancy cake and I think I did a pretty good job.

After everyone left from the party and my sister and M&D were getting ready to leave, we asked if P could go back with them to Monument to spend the night and have one last day playing with Z on Thursday before she left on Friday. It took some convincing to get P to agree to go – she didn’t really understand what “sleepover” meant. Once I explained exactly how it would go down she got excited about the idea. So we packed up some stuff for her and her little sleeping bag and crammed her carseat into my parents’ Pilot with the other 2 carseats and the 4 adults and sent her on her way. It was very strange waking up on Thursday and not having her here.

Thursday I worked the morning in semi-peace, only having to deal with K2 to feed him breakfast and watch him play until he got tired. I got quite a bit of work done. Then, I got dressed quickly and we went to the lawyer appointment – which went surprisingly well. We talked out a few things, finished up the paperwork except for a couple of details that I have to email her tonight, and laid our minds to rest about a few things that were REALLY worrying us (read, me). Feeling buoyant, we left there to go to Monument to pick up P, where we found her not wanting to leave and having a blast. But exhausted. So the first time she tripped and hurt herself after we were there (she trips a lot), she cried for a long time and said she wanted to go home. We stayed for a quick (not very tasty) dinner and a family picture (out on the front lawn as it started to rain), and then we went home. The kids went to bed immediately, even though P protested a lot that she wasn’t tired (she fell asleep in the car), and K left for work.

Friday I “worked” a little first thing. We had cousin A on Friday, so I had to get up to meet her as she arrived. At about 10, P and I left to get some money to pay for her school and to go meet her teacher and get the paperwork for registration. Her teacher was a very nice, pretty, grandmotherly type with jeans, denim vest, hot pink crocs and hot pink t-shirt. And matching lipstick. She was very cute and I think once P stops being so reserved and gets used to her, she’ll like her a lot. P didn’t say a word, but after we left she seemed very excited and she asks about school every day. Tomorrow is the day, and I can’t even express how nervous I am. This morning, K2 woke up crying at 5:40. I got him to go back to bed (thank goodness) almost right away, but after going back to bed myself I couldn’t get back to sleep for almost 2 hours. I dozed in and out a little, couldn’t get comfortable, and kept having short dreams about P’s first day of school and how badly she could freak out.

Friday afternoon, P and I went to her doctor’s appointment, where she checked out just fine. They gave me a new shot record since I couldn’t find my copy, and a form saying she was healthy for school. Then she got 2 of her 4 booster shots, which she didn’t like. But she recovered quickly, as children are wont to do, and wanted to pull down her pants and show everyone the band-aids on her upper leg (well, everyone that she knows). She’ll get the other two next month before our insurance is gone from me quitting. About this time, a wave of fatigue hit me so strongly that all I could really think about was sleep. Rest. Quiet. Nap. But I forced myself to take her to Target on the way home to get her school supplies. Unfortunately, they only had 3 of the 6 things we needed, so we got those and then went home. I fell asleep in the easy chair while the kids played and screamed around me and K was on the computer. Then my SIL came to get A and I woke up. K made something for dinner, even though he’d wanted me to make something. If he’d left it up to me, we all would have had some cold cereal or something. Just. Too. Tired.

P and I watched Psych together, and then I put her to bed and went to bed myself.

Saturday, I woke up still a little tired but much better. I made a list, and then set about cleaning almost the entire house. It took me until a little after noon, and then I took a shower in our clean bathroom. After that, K went to the store to get some stuff for the dinner we were having with his family for P’s birthday at 3:00. He got back around 2:45 and started dinner, which was ready by 3:30 but his family didn’t arrive until 3:40, as usual. So we ate, talked, P got one more present, had dessert, etc. After everyone left, P and I went to Walmart to get the last of her school supplies and a few clothes for her. Most of her clothes are stained, too small, or both. I spent too much money, but she has some really cute clothes that should last a while. She’s going to have to wear grubs on days she’s at home and after she gets home from school. I think that’s what I’ll leave in her little dresser/cupboard for when she dresses herself and I’ll hang up all her nice clothes in the closet where she can’t really reach them.

Last night was quiet. K left for work almost right after P and I got home from the store. K2 went to bed about an hour later, and P went to bed after I got done folding clothes and putting them away from the batches of laundry I did yesterday. She’s going to have to go to bed early tonight – perhaps 7:30 or 8:00 so I can get her up at 7 tomorrow without her not being rested. Have to get her dressed, her hair done, her teeth brushed, and a good breakfast into her before I leave to take her at 7:50. She’s going to get there at 8 instead of 8:15 so Mrs. W can show her around in the room again, she can put her supplies away, see where she’s sitting, etc., all to try and stem the freak-out that I have a feeling will occur when the reality of me leaving her there sets in. She’s so excited, and I’ve explained it to her. Maybe she’ll surprise me and be fine.

Well, today is Sunday. I teach my class today – they called another teacher so now I only teach once a month. I need to read my lesson again and then go get ready for church. We’re not going anywhere after church today, so it should be a relaxing evening after we get home.

Pregnancy still on, to my knowledge. Been eating out of control – trying to stem that today. Haven’t worked out since Tuesday – going to do that tomorrow. Got a new T-Tapp workout, Tempo 2. Excited to try it tomorrow. K hid the chocolate – good thing because that wasn’t going well.


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