DD’s birthday

September 10, 2008 at 9:42 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

So today is my daughter’s 4th birthday. Her princess-skirt cake is in the oven – I’m hoping the fact that I loaded the pampered chef mixing bowl with 1 and 1/3 cake mixes isn’t going to make it too tall. When it is done baking I have to let it cool. Then I’ll make the frosting (cream cheese frosting, which isn’t supposed to be for decorating) and hope that it works for decorating the princess, including the doll top.

I have to get ready soon for the photo shoot this afternoon – I was going to stop and get presents and the doll top when we were out for that while my dad comes down to watch the kids, but it depends on how long the photo shoot takes because I don’t want to make my day watch them for too long. Especially since he’ll be watching a 3 yo girl that isn’t even related to him (niece on my husband’s side). Planning on getting her a Barbie and maybe a game. Then when we get back I’m going to go across the street to my neighbor’s house to decorate the cake. Pizza, salad, and guests at 5:00.

Tomorrow, we have a lawyer appointment at 3. So I need to tell my work that I’m not coming in tomorrow. They’re not going to be happy. Oh, well. A month and a half left until I’m out of there. Well, a little more than that.

Oh, worked out last night. Full hour workout.


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