Beginning of a crazy week

September 8, 2008 at 10:17 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

It is Monday morning. I’ve been up for a couple hours and haven’t gotten any work done. Yay me. I’m sure there will be plenty of work tomorrow when I go to the office, and I’m going in early so I’ll probably get enough hours for today as well.

First, recap of weekend. Saturday I made K get up with the kids since I’m going to have to get up every day this week to meet our niece A when she gets here. I was sort of awake while P was hanging out in our room and K2 was awake in his crib, but I went back to sleep after K got up with them and took them both downstairs. I woke up a couple times from noises coming from the family, but generally slept until about 11:20. I could have slept longer, but I looked at the clock and realized I was wasting my Saturday. So I got up. Got dressed in workout clothes and came downstairs where K and I sat down to do our debt class and go over the bankruptcy paperwork to complete as much of it as we could. That took us about 3 hours, during which K decided to paint P’s nails with white-out, and then put a racer stripe of purple nail polish down the middle. P was SO proud of those nails!!! K’s commentary was “I think that’s what they call a French manicure!”

After we got that done, I talked myself into working out since I didn’t work out Friday night. K went upstairs to watch TV so that I could use the living room, and I did a T-Tapp TWO. I was pretty happy with myself for following through on the promise I made to myself Friday night after NOT working out.

Then we all got showered up and ready and left for Monument to have dinner with my parents and sister’s family. They are moving to California at the end of this week, so we hope to get in a little more quality time. Anyway, we had bbq’d brats, hamburgers and hotdogs and rice krispie treats for dessert. And a good time sitting around talking.

Sunday I finished reading the book I’d started when we got home Saturday night and then got ready for church. K put a dinner in the oven, got the diaper bag ready for church including bottle for K2, and got the two kids dressed for church. It was very nice to not have to do all that myself for once (minus the dinner – K does most the cooking around here). I started a loaf of 1/2 wheat, 1/2 white bread to cook while we were gone.

We went to church, where I heard hardly any of any of the lessons/talks because of K2 and/or being tired and distracted. We came home and had a great dinner of baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. K2 loved it and got full enough to be happy well into the evening.

Total eatings for Sunday:
oatmeal concoction
2 grapes
mashed potatoes (2 helpings), gravy, baked chicken, green beans
2 1/2 pieces of fresh bread w/ butter
1 popsicle

Last night I watched Pirates of the Carribean 2 with P until she fell asleep in my lap. Then I put her to bed (much to her discontent) and watched Army Wives and a couple other shows. K got home around 10:50 and I stayed up with him for about 45 minutes and then we went to bed.

This morning I was having some weird dreams. Just one more sign of the pregnancy, I guess. Very random about getting pregnant by someone I went on a trip with from some school (not many details are clear anymore), and about getting up to meet A. Then I actually woke up and it was time to get up to meet A. So I got dressed quickly and came downstairs to start waiting – and then she didn’t come! I vaguely remember that my SIL might be working Tu-Sat this week, that she has today off. So I guess we will only have A for Tu-Fri, which is fine with me.

Stuff going on this week:
1) I have to be at the office all day tomorrow – need to get there as soon as I can get ready and get K up. A will be here, so I don’t think he’s going to want to drive me to work.
2) Wednesday is P’s 4th birthday. Don’t know if we’re going to try and have a party/dinner for that. Depends on the money situation.
3) We have A for the rest of the week, all day, each day. Need I say more? Having an extra 3 yo around isn’t my favorite thing.
4) P is starting preschool next week, so I have to get all her registration paperwork done.
5) Including getting her a doctor’s appointment for Friday afternoon.
6) Possible party/dinner for P.
7) K is going to try and get his paycheck early. And then we have to divide it out so that we put it towards everything it needs to go to.
8) We’re going to try and schedule an app’t with lawyer to get bankruptcy done this week.
9) Need to get my workouts in.

Its going to be a jam-packed week.


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