September 2, 2008 at 10:10 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I got thinking about the post I just wrote, and realized it probably sounds like I’m not excited to be pregnant. But I am. Okay, maybe not excited to BE pregnant, but excited to have another child. I want more children, and I’m even okay with this new baby (perhaps) coming a lot sooner than I had planned. My ONLY reservation is that I’m still so big. I wanted to be stronger, smaller, and healthier before I embarked on another 9 months of pregnancy and I feel like I’ve failed myself. Since the beginning of June I’ve lost some weight, but not significant amounts, and a few missed days of vigilance and I gain that same weight back again. Now, I’m possibly going to be going back up to 250, 260, and that is if I gain less weight than with my last two pregnancies.

The doctors will tell me to keep my weight gain to 15 pounds. The last two times they’ve told me that (one pregnancy resulted in miscarriage), I scoffed. Impossible, I said. Are you seeing me? Do I look like someone that can gain ONLY baby-weight and nothing else? That leaves me about 7 pounds for baby and 7 pounds for extra fluids. AIN’T gonna happen, I’ve said.

But really, can it be done? What kind of attitude do I need to have to try and make it happen? Obviously it is possible or they wouldn’t be asking it of me. So, what do I need to do? Do I need to count calories? Do I need to have a few all-natural days per week? Do I need to adhere to a no-eating after X:o’clock every night? Do I need to stop having desserts? Do I need to count points? Do I need to workout every day? Or walk every day?

I don’t know the answers to these questions. But I do know that stopping all exercise like I’ve done with both my other full-term pregnancies is not an option. I didn’t work out yesterday. I had a lot on my mind with the pregnancy and with the long weekend and all that is going on in our lives right now. But really that is no excuse. We walked a lot looking at the houses yesterday, but not really a work out. All it will take for me to stop exercising is to gradually talk myself out of it more days than I talk myself into it. And that is unacceptable. It needs to be part of my day no matter what kind of day it is or what I have to get done, go do, or what happens. Exercise.

Healthy eating has to be a priority as well. If I let myself, a random cookie or loaded english muffin or piece of bread is easier for breakfast than a bowl of oatmeal w/ craisins, coconut oil, and cottage cheese. If I allow it, some random fast-food or grabbable granola bar is easier for lunch than an omelet with veggies or a sandwich or something else full of protein, vitamins and fiber. If I let myself, ordering pizza or going out for dollar menu items is easier than making dinner. So these are the things I must be vigilant against.

If I am pregnant, I’m going to get tired. But it should help that I work in an almost constant state of tired. Considering the fatigue that will come, though, some changes to my plan are in order.

1) I will again start working out as soon as K gets up instead of at night. It is too easy to be too tired by the time the kids are in bed. So it will have to happen early afternoon on M-W-F, and early morning on Tu-Th. If I miss a workout during the week, I will need to work out on Saturday. Even if it is just taking P for a walk. She needs the activity also. But that is a whole other post.

2) I need to evaluate my AN days/meals and commit to more than 2 days a week. I don’t know what days those will be yet, but with not being able to fast this will be important to curb my caloric intake and improve the quality of said intake.

3) I need to get more sleep. I will be returning to the rule of watching one show downstairs after the kids go to bed and then going up and getting in bed. Not starting a new show after 9:45 at night, and lights out by 10:30 at the latest.

That’s it for now. And I am excited to have another baby. I might not be too excited to be pregnant, but that is a necessary evil if I want our own babies. I will sincerely be disappointed if the new test says I’m not pregnant, but all the above rules will still apply. Because that will just give me some more time to be more prepared when I do get pregnant.


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