Kicking Myself, but not hard enough

August 31, 2008 at 9:49 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

It is Sunday. I’ve been thinking about fasting. How every method doesn’t work for every body, or everybody. And wondering if I’m screwing up my metabolism by fasting, even though the research says it won’t do that. I haven’t come to any conclusions yet, but my speculation has led to me not fasting today.

Yesterday I got up and had an english muffin (or did I have two?) for breakfast. I had planned on spending the majority of the day focusing on all the laundry that needs to be done. But then I remembered the torrential downpour that we’d had Friday night and that the ground would be soft. It was still early enough that a good portion of the side of the house where weeding needed to be done would be shaded. So I headed outside to weed, thinking I’d do it for about an hour and then stop, when it got hot or when K2 got too fussy to leave him inside, blocked by the gate at the top of the garage door stairs. Two hours later, sweaty, hot and dirty, I came inside to feed K2 a banana, change his diaper and put him down for a nap. And went back out. I spent about 4 hours outside working on the yard. I weeded the whole north side of the driveway and house back to the fence door. Then I got some the few weeds out of the driveway seams, weeded the walkway edges that lead to the front door. Trimmed back the two big plants on the north side, trimmed the two big bushes in front of the porch, weeded on the south side of the porch, weeded a little bit in the grass patch in the front of the house. Went out back and gathered two huge plastic bags of dried out weeds that I’d already pulled and that the dogs had scattered all over the yard. Weeded a little back there, but knew I wasn’t going to get done with all the little tiny green sprouts from all the rain. I raked the north side of the house behind the fence, making 3 main piles of mulch, small rock, and dog poop that I plan to shovel out of there this coming week and dump somewhere. But I’ll have to do more raking because those weren’t the only main pooping locations in the backyard. Its a start. So basically, I got the front of the house looking quite presentable. Before yesterday, the front patch of grass and the main front patch of rock was looking good since that is usually where I focus my attention first. But I’ve always run out of steam or time before I got to the north side. Now it is done. I will have to move all of the rock over there off and put it back after removing the holey, useless cloth that has been torn to bits by weeds and walking on it after the rocks all move. But for now, the house looks decent when you drive up to the front. Which pleases me greatly.

My hamstrings are sore and so are my back and hands. I got sunburnt on a little quarter-moon portion of my lower back that was exposed when I bent over from the waist yesterday. After I finally came in, we got ready to leave and went to Rodizio Grill in Denver with K’s siblings and mother.

We had a great time, ate till we were in pain, and laughed a lot.

And today I’m not fasting.

I’m thinking I’ll start a fast after dinner tonight. We’re going to K’s sister’s for a going-away dinner for his mom who is going back to Utah tomorrow. No wait, tomorrow is Labor Day. There’s bound to be something going on that will involve food. I don’t think I want to try and fast on a holiday.

Definitely need to work out tomorrow, though.


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