Friday Funk

August 29, 2008 at 10:05 am (Uncategorized)

Wednesday during my fast, I was really hungry. But I stuck it out. Work was completely crazy and I was on the phone almost all day with people at the office trying to coordinate a deadline with a temp who doesn’t even have an email address. It was a crazy-maker, and it helped to get through the hunger and it also helped to not have to stop working to eat.

Thursday was far from being an AN day, unfortunately. I got really stressed at the office and ate a lot of chocolate. Also ate the free luncheon being served out in front of the building for the tenants (live band and bbq) which included pasta and potato salad, pork and beans, a hamburger, a lemonade, and a couple of ice cream cones. Then back to the office and more chocolate. When I got home, K had made a yummy meal of noodles with beef stroganoff and green beans. Then the only thing there was to eat for the rest of the evening was the mini-peaches from my MIL’s tree. So I had 3 or 4 of those. Around 10:30, I got a granola bar out of an MRE in the storage closet and ate most of it. Finally stopped myself before finishing it off because it didn’t even taste good. If there had been food available, last night was definitely a binge night. So I guess I’m lucky that there wasn’t any food available.

Today I’ve had 4 toaster blueberry waffles with syrup and some pieces of peach.

Work has been crazy all week, and it is going to be today, too. The things that have to happen today other than that are: going to pick up our car from the shop and giving K’s mom’s car back to her; picking up K’s paycheck, cashing it, and depositing enough funds for our mortgages into the bank; figure out paychecks for our two employees so K can pay them both tonight; paying our tax guy and arranging to pick up our tax returns from him; paying the bills that have to come out of today’s checks; me trying to go visiting teaching with my companion at 2 PM. This weekend we have to finish any blank spots in the bankruptcy paperwork, take the debt class (Monday morning at the latest), and call Ph to make an appointment to come in and get this thing FILED!!!! I updated a lot of the paperwork last night, but there are some places we need her help with or that K has to fill out (or I’ll fill out with his help).

I didn’t work out last night. I didn’t have it in me. I plan on working out tonight. So far, I don’t know of anything going on tonight, so it should just be a quiet night at home after the rush of the day. We also desperately need groceries, but I think that can wait until tomorrow after we’ve figured out what our budget for food is and have made a list.

Edited to add: was at 224 yesterday morning. was at 225 this morning.


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