Monday morning update

August 25, 2008 at 1:33 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

226 this morning. After breaking my fast yesterday evening with some sausage, scrambled eggs, and pancakes, I waited for K to get home and bring me the Snickers bar I’d requested. Next time I’ll be more specific that I don’t want a king-size. Not to say that I didn’t eat the king-size and enjoy every bite, but I think a regular size bar would have satisfied my munchies just as well.

Today is an AN day. Oatmeal so far, and considering how little food there is in the house I shouldn’t have trouble – except I might have trouble finding even natural foods to eat.

…. Okay, just got back from an appreciation lunch at work that I remembered from a reminder email at 11:22. Which left me approx. 18 minutes to get showered and ready and out the door to get there in time. I was about 4 minutes late. A pretty dang good record.

Had salad with chicken and water. Pretty yummy salad, so I’m sure it had more calories than I’m making it sound like it had. But still pretty compliant.

Won’t eat again until I go to dinner with some girl-friends tonight.


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