One step forward…. and all that

August 13, 2008 at 3:55 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

Two steps back? I don’t know. Life just happens, right? The best laid plans……

Monday night I worked out as soon as the kids were in bed. After 3 afternoon hours of weeding nasty weeds that were taller than me from the backyard. The worst part of the back yard – the southeast corner where the dogs habitually do their duty, or doody. So those weeds were growing in a THICK layer of old mulch, grass clippings and dog ‘duty’. Mostly ‘duty’. I was determined to get it done, over with, but it was a nasty job. And some of those weeds, especially the dandelion-looking ones, had some thick, deep, entangled roots that I’m sure I didn’t get all of, after basically digging around in poo.

Anyway, I still worked out. I got started a little later than I’d hoped, about 8:30. Got done around 9:30. Went upstairs immediately and sat on the bed to cool off and watch a show. When the show was over, it was almost 10:30. I took a shower and went to bed. So I wasn’t in bed as planned by 10:30, but shortly thereafter and I was pleased that I’d stuck to my schedule and stayed out of the kitchen.

Then came Tuesday. K left the house at the same time I did to go do a one-day cleaning job. I was at work as planned by 10 AM. Worked until 5. Left work shortly after 5 to go straight to my SIL’s house where she had had my two kids, my other SIL’s kid, and her kids all day. K2 hadn’t slept all day – not a wink. I got him to sleep in my lap for about 30 minutes while we waited for K to get there. Then we all ate dinner, I gave him a bottle, and we left around 7:45. Got home, put K2 to bed. Changed clothes and got P ready for bed. Put her to bed and called my MIL to come over so I could go help K clean for an hour or so. Took her car, went and cleaned TM, one of our accounts with K and his two other workers until shortly after 10 PM. Got home around 10:30 and my MIL sat with me for about 15 minutes. When she left at 10:45 I was too tired to go to bed, too tired to work out, too tired to move. So I sat there until almost midnight and went upstairs to bed. And then I couldn’t get to sleep. My brain was moving. I finally got to sleep around 1 AM. At 5 AM I startled awake when K2 started to yell and cry. I went in and got him, but he wasn’t as consolable as he usually is when he starts awake at 9:30 PM instead of 5 AM. I couldn’t get him to calm down. I went downstairs and made him a bottle just as K was getting home. But as soon as he finished the bottle back up in his dim room, he started fussing again. I was just standing in his room holding him, waiting for him to calm down enough to be put back to bed when K came and in and basically insisted that I go to bed and that he’d take K2. For the next hour, I tried to get to sleep in between spurts of K2’s screaming while K held him on his chest in the easy chair downstairs. So obviously I didn’t get a lot of sleep. K2 finall stopped crying and I fell asleep until about 7 when P came in to climb in bed with me. Slept until 8. Woke up and went downstairs to see how the men were doing. Made K2 a bottle; he seemed too afraid to move to even want the bottle. After feeding him the bottle and holding him for about 30 minutes, I figured out that his neck was sore and hurting him if he turned a certain way. To make a long, boring story finish up, he crawled around for a while with some crying in pain and then I put him down to bed before I left for work at 9:30. He was still asleep when I spoke to K at about 3 PM. So was P, both apparently exhausted from a long day yesterday and difficult night.

I’m tired. I’m at work, going to be here until 4:30. Will work out tonight, and then go to bed. Have to come to the office tomorrow, and apparently K has two more days starting tomorrow of working all day and then all night on his regular accounts. Exciting because it is a lot of extra money, but daunting because it means we’re all going to be so tired we can barely move by this weekend, especially K. He’s recruiting help, but he also has to find someone to watch our kids tomorrow since I’m committed to be here at the office again all day.

Gotta get some work done. Crazy day. Its taken me all day to write this post a bit at a time. That’s why its so disjointed. By.


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