Weekends – detriment to health

July 28, 2008 at 11:42 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I’m learning. I’m progressing. I’m not going to beat myself up because I had a weekend where I ate a little too much this weekend. I seem to derail my progress on weekends – for the last 2 weekends. This weekend was full of family activities; lots of family activities. And hence, eating. Friday afternoon I went over to my sister’s house and spent the afternoon. Didn’t eat a lot there, but I did have a piece of chocolate, a Milky Way egg that was REALLY good. Then K picked us up and we went to his sister L’s house for a coming-home party for her two daughters that spent the summer with their father in Oregon. Pizza, guacamole and chips (not a lot of that), fruit pizza (2 pieces), and 2 sodas. The 2 Sprites was what made me feel like I’d eaten all day long, filling me up way too much. I don’t even remember what nonsense I binged on when I got home. I do know I didn’t work out as intended, promising myself I’d work out on Saturday. I started a book that I borrowed from my sister and ended up staying up until 2:30 am I was so engrossed in it.

Saturday, I got up at 9:30 to hurry and get ready for the haircutter to arrive at 10. I took a shower and got dressed and went downstairs to make sure I was ready to have 3 people have their hair cut in my kitchen. About 10 till, the haircutter arrived. At 10, my sister, her 2 kids, and her husband arrived. The haircutter got started on my sister’s hair. About 45 minutes later, my mom arrived, with my dad and youngest brother (visiting town for the week) in tow. It was like a family reunion while people got their hair cut in the kitchen. Pretty funny, actually. I got some bangs, layers trimmed, and some length taken off. I think I like it. Still getting used to it. My sister and mom got their hair cut, and they were pleased, I think, with the results.

After the haircutter left, my brother and BIL went to get fixings for some sandwiches. We had a big roll-sandwich, chips, lemonade, chocolate chip cookies meal. Saturday night, knowing I was starting a fast, I used my $25 gift card to Starbucks to get us sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, and a brownie for dinner. My sandwich was dry as a bone, the brownie wasn’t good. The only thing that was good was the parfait. Anyway, I ate quite a bit after my fast was ‘started’. Red Vines, granola bar, granola, and I don’t remember what else.

Sunday, I did manage to not eat. I did the dishes from Friday and Saturday Sunday morning. That was about all I really got done. I had finished the book Saturday night, and with such a weird day, I hadn’t worked out. My SIL visited for about an hour Saturday afternoon while K was taking a nap. Anyway, the workout didn’t happen.

Sunday evening after church, we went to Monument for dinner at my parents’. Turkey, scalloped potatoes, salad, brownies. I finished off the few M&Ms in the jar.

Came home, ate a granola bar, a roll w/ butter, some Red Vines. Stayed up until 1 reading after I watched Army Wives.

Today is a new day. I the Slim drink that my mom gave me before I had my oatmeal concoction. I’ve had a few grapes and some watered down lemonade. Need to have lunch, but I don’t know what to make for the 3 little munchkins. I was going to do grilled cheese, but just realized the bread wasn’t thawed. I don’t want to make them wait an hour while it thaws, and I need to feed them something. Not sure what to do. I can do applesauce, but that won’t fill them up. Thinking, thinking. Anyway, today is AN – I will work out tonight. Probably finish my book, and hopefully restrain myself from starting the 3rd one.

I’m considering making the nights when I come off fasts All Natural. I get a little carried away on those nights sometimes. Got in 4 workouts last week, shooting for 5 this week.


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