Groceries galore…

July 25, 2008 at 10:33 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

What I mistakenly took for me having learned the talent of self-control, moderation, and/or pacing myself turns out to actually be just a lack of appealing food in our cupboards. After grocery shopping with SIL F on Wednesday, I really had a hard time staying out of all the yummy food I got. Some of it, I can leave alone no problem. But there were some granola bars, oats & peanut butter (Fiber One brand) that have already gone the way. Wednesday night after my fast was over, 2 of those got munched down by me, along with the 2 vanilla yogurts that I’d bought, to which I added a packet of hot chocolate powder each. That was Wednesday night.

Last night, much to my chagrin, I talked myself into, or didn’t talk myself out of, eating even more than that. And it was an AN day, to boot! After part of a banana and some grapes for breakfast while I went to the hospital with my sister and my mom for my sister’s ultrasound, a yummo salad of red-leaf lettuce, some shredded taco-chicken, hb egg, cheese, grapes, and ranch, I went to work. At work, I ate my yellow baby carrots and snappea crisps, and then had the last two pieces of Il Vicino pizza from my co-workers’ lunch. When I got home, K made a dinner of chicken, corn, and mac&cheese. Instead of the mac&cheese, I opted for a salad w/ grapes, corn, cheese, shredded carrot w/ my chicken.

Then, the kids went to bed, K was at work. I worked out, a short SATI walking workout. And then the eating started. I had the three Fiber One bars that were left, 2 yogurts w/ Kashi granola on them, and a Nature One peanut butter granola bar. Yikes. None of that qualified really as AN, and I should have stopped myself at least after one Fiber One bar. Again, yikes. And THEN, I had 2 small bowls of the Cheerios Crunch cereal that wasn’t opened yet! The only up-side to that is that I discovered that, although this cereal is good, I can leave the rest of the 2 boxes of it alone.

225 this morning. So I didn’t maintain that new low that I saw yesterday. Today, I’m going to keep it to three meals and some snacks. Most of what I really want to eat is gone now, so although we still have more food in the house I can leave it alone. I think I’ll have some kind of salad for lunch again today. Might need to hard boil some eggs. Also need to make a batch of roasted garbanzo beans. But I really want to cook them with coconut oil because it gives them such a sweeter taste than the olive oil.

I’m going over to my sister’s this afternoon with the kids to give K some time to himself and also to keep my sister company while the kids get some quality play time. She got some bad news at her ultrasound yesterday that could turn out to be nothing, or something. She’s having amniocentises on Monday to find out for sure, but her husband is out of town until tonight and she’s tense while waiting for the test. Yesterday she was completely, tragically distraught. Last night she seemed to feel like she can function until she finds out, and then she can deal with whatever the result is. My dad gave her a priesthood blessing yesterday of comfort, and she said it helped a lot. Anyway, A often has yummy stuff in her cupboards that I’m not used to seeing or eating, so I just need to keep myself out of her pantry unless I get hungry and I’ll be fine.

Working out tonight after kids’ bedtime and K is at work. I’ve had 4 workouts so far this week. I’m really trying to adopt my sister’s attitude of working out a minimum of 5 times a week, in some way. She doesn’t even give herself the option of a day off, and it seems to work for her. She’s worked out all the way through her first trimester with this pregnancy, her third, and I just find that really inspiring and impressive considering how tired I know she was and what a handful her first two children are.


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