Hush of morning

July 16, 2008 at 9:00 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I am not an early riser. Currently, to comply with my set work hours, I have my alarm clock on my cell phone set to go off at 8 AM M-F, and even that is difficult for me. My children seem to be late sleepers, later than most kids anyway, and this has fed my habit of sleeping in late. P usually gets up anywhere between 7 and 8:30, but most commonly somewhere near the 8:00 hour. K2 has been sleeping in extensively the last few days, but usually his wake-up call comes at about 8 or 8:30 as well. I know this is unusually late for most moms, most professionals, and most adults, but I’ve beat myself up about being a lazy slob that can’t (won’t?) get up for so long that I’m done with all that. I’m content to do my best to get up at 8 and leave it at that. So I don’t get a 4 AM start on the day. So I don’t get my workout in before the kids get up, all my chores done and some quality reading in before the the sun rises. I used to think I was supposed to do all that – but I’m doing okay with my way, and I’m done feeling inadequate because of it.

Anyway, all that to say that it is blissfully quiet right now. I have the feeling P is about to get up, and that is fine. K2 had a difficult evening last night and didn’t get down for the full night until about 9:30, late for him. He seemed to have an upset tummy; his crying was tragic, but all I could do was hold him. I think maybe his first-time broccoli experience in his dinner mush gave him a painful-gassy stomach. Come on, we all know what that feels like. If I were a baby with that pain, I’d cry too. He finally belched a couple times and calmed down, and I rocked him in the easy chair for a while until he started to nod off, and then I put him back to bed. He’s still asleep, and might sleep in until around 10 if it stays quiet around here. Then again, he could wake up at any moment.

But for now, it is very quiet. And I like it. But not enough to get up earlier every morning to enjoy this daily even on the days they don’t sleep in. 🙂

Weighed in this morning at 225, a new low. Had a good workout last night, if it was split into spurts because of K2’s digestion problems. Fasting today which started last night after a dinner of barbequed drumsticks, butter noodles, brocolli, and lemonade.


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