Took a Break – Won’t Let it Derail Me

July 15, 2008 at 1:17 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

In the past, if I talk myself out of doing part of a diet plan, like taking a day off from working out, taking a day off from watching what I eat, etc., it has meant the start of a slow slide back to not caring, not thinking I can do it, and not trying. But if I’m going to make this lifestyle change stick, I have to learn how to take breaks, give myself some slack and then get right back on the bandwagon.

So last night, I was really, really tired for some reason. It could have been staying up too late, the emotionally draining lesson I’d given in Relief Society at church on Sunday, not sleeping well, eating too much sugar/carbs right before bed the night before – a combination of all of that. I was really just exhausted, mentally and physically. I let myself convince myself (ha) that I didn’t have to work out, BUT, if I wasn’t going to work out, I had to go to bed at a decent hour. Not stay up until midnight or later vegged in front of the TV because I didn’t have the energy to take the stairs and go to bed.

I put the babies down for the night – P protesting the whole time, but falling asleep very quickly; I knew she was tired. Then I went downstairs and watched the premieres of The Closer and Saving Grace that I’d recorded. And went upstairs to wash my face and brush my teeth. I was saying my prayers (I’m trying to rebuild the habit of daily prayers before bed – I can’t believe it used to come so naturally) when K2 started crying. Luckily, he was easily comforted and I put him back in bed. So I was on my way to dreamland by 10:30. Shortly after I fell asleep, K texted me, which woke me up. But I think I fell asleep pretty quickly after that. I don’t remember K coming to bed, though I think I heard him come let the dogs out of the room when he got home. P started crying at 1:30 – I went in and comforted her and tried to get her to relax her legs. Her knee hurt. She gets these growing pains, and she clenches all the muscles in her legs as a result and I think it makes it worse. Since I didn’t have any Tylenol to give her, I tried to get her to relax and I rubbed her legs for a few minutes and then I think she was able to go back to sleep.

So I got a pretty good night’s rest under my belt. Tonight, after I have dinner and start my fast, I’m going to work out. I still haven’t decided which T-Tapp workout it will be – might just be the normal TWO. But I’ll make up last night’s non-sweatiness tonight. Today isn’t an AN day, but so far all I’ve had are oatmeal concoction, and leftover fish, rice, and black beans from last night when I got here tp the office. And part of a co-worker’s cookie. 🙂

225.5 this morning. Yesterday was a good AN day – if a little sparse because of my limited choices.


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