July 10, 2008 at 2:15 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I like Thursdays. I have to go to the office, but it feels like Friday since I don’t have to go in on Friday and I usually have most of my hours logged by Friday morning. I like that the week is almost over and that the weekend is coming up quickly. I just like Thursdays.

Weighed in at 228 this morning. Today is AN day. I was thinking about my lack of progress over the last couple of weeks and realized that since that week when I had the cold and didn’t fast and didn’t do AN and didn’t work out, I really haven’t been very strict about my AN days. I think that has been my downfall in keeping up the progress, and I’m feeling more optimistic about my plan today. I had a pretty dang good AN day on Monday, and I’m having a good one today, too. I brought lots of AN food to work with me, and I’m not going upstairs to get any chocolate. No siree.

I worked out hard last night. I don’t think K realizes that I’ve been working out after he goes to work at least 3 times a week, because he mentioned yesterday that I haven’t been to the gym  in a while. He’s right, since I was going to the gym during the day after he got up and I haven’t done that in over a month, but I’m working out as much if not more than I was before. I need to make sure he knows that. Also, I want to start walking Cloud again, I just haven’t figured out when is the best time to do that, early early morning? I have such a hard time getting up even at 8 AM, so that doesn’t seem plausible. Evening right after dinner? Then I have to take the kids because that is when K is leaving for work. I think the best time is right after I get done working when I shut off my computer, even though it is hot out right now. K is up by then, I’m usually getting ready to get sweaty anyway by weeding or doing housework. So that is something to think about adding back in to my routine.

Tomorrow I think my sister A and I are going to take P and her daughter and son to the spraypark. I’m excited to get her back there and she if she’s a little more adventurous now that she’s a little older. I also want to get her to a pool sometime soon. Not sure what pool, but I’ll figure it out. Now that I’m figuring out how to work and have a life at the same time, I’ll all over it. 🙂

Today so far: oatmeal concoction w/ whole oats, roasted garbanzo beans, hb egg, carrots, applesauce. Still to have more carrots and some fresh pineapple. Tonight I don’t know what we’ll make for dinner, but it needs to be good because I’m going to try and not eat after dinner.


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