Fast Forgotten

July 9, 2008 at 10:28 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

Last night when I got home from work, K immersed the family in his impromptu project to install the ceiling fan that he’s bought for our bedroom while I was in the office. He tried to make dinner and install the fan at the same time, and was marginally successful. But this meant we didn’t have dinner until shortly after 7 PM, and by then I’d  totally forgotten that my plan calls for me to start a fast following dinner on Tuesday nights. We had baked peppered-garlic chicken, mac&cheese, and green beans. Not too bad. K2 was so tired by this time that even feeding him my dinner between bites didn’t appease him. As soon as we got done eating, I put K2 to bed and K got ready and left for work. K2 woke up about 20 minutes later fussy, but went right back down after I held him for a while.

When I got back downstairs after all this, P and I shared a few handfuls of Cheezits. I remembered at about 8:45 that I was supposed to be fasting. I’d already stopped eating Cheezits, but was trolling the kitchen for something else; remembering stopped me in my tracks. After I put P to bed, I started to watch a show and found myself pausing it after 2 minutes to get up to eat something, but I got halfway out of my chair, remembered I wasn’t eating, and sat back down. If only realizing I’m not actually hungry would stop me in my tracks like that.

So today I’m hungry, but fasting. Weighed in at 229.5. Starting this weekend, I’m going to start weighing in only on Sunday mornings. This daily weighing has got me discouraged and obsessing about that number on the scale and my little graph that I made in Excel to track the number. A .5 jump looks big on that chart, and I don’t like it. So I’m going to try and focus more on eating healthier, even on my normal non-AN days, complying completely with my plan (fasting, AN days, workouts), and trying to lose inches. The scale number is going to become just a number, a way to determine my weight, nothing else.

I’m trying to decide if I want to take P to the park for playgroup, or if I want to call my sisters-in-law and see if they are taking their two little ones to the water-spray park and take P to that. Or if I want to do neither and just get my hours in and then get stuff done this afternoon like weeding and housework. Okay, just called my SIL and she said they’re not going to the spraypark today, but might go  to the pool tomorrow, in which case they’ll just come get P because I’ll be at work. They always do these things on the days I have to  go to the office!! I find it so vexing!! I’ve never seen P in a pool, because I’ve always worked whenever she’s gone with any of her cousins. So I guess it is up to me to take her when I CAN go, huh?

So now, deciding whether to leave in 30 minutes for playgroup at the dry park. I haven’t really gotten dressed to go out yet, in grubs and haven’t brushed my teeth. P is still in her pajamas, albeit already wearing socks so she can wear her new shoes that K got her yesterday. Decisions, decisions.


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