The power of mindless snacking

July 7, 2008 at 9:28 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I think I would have been sitting at about 228 or 229 this morning – if it wasn’t for the fact that I ate basically from the time I stopped my fast at 5:30 to the time I went to bed. And not good food, either. I made poor choices all night long. It started with the silly decision to let hunger dictate that I break my fast with freezer pizza and macaroni and cheese – and not even fresh! Leftover from while we were at church when K made it! I should have waited 30 minutes or so while I made a healthy (or at least rounded) meal from the chicken I’d put out to thaw before church.

The rest of the evening consisted of cheese balls (only a few of those), Red Vines licorice, Nutrisoda, more Red Vines, Cheezits, bowl of Cheerios, more Red Vines, and then the coup de resistance – a McDonald’s shake and large fries at like 11:30 at night when K got home. He called me to tell me he was craving a burger and did I want a shake? Sure, I said, and add some fries on to that. So silly! I wasn’t hungry! And the night of junk food gave me gas and made it hard to get to sleep. And, put my at 230.5 this morning. I should be seeing the new numbers right after a fast, not getting heavier.

So, today is AN – I’ve started off with whole oats as the base to my oatmeal concoction, and since they were kind of runny I didn’t use any milk – just the cottage cheese, craisins, and a little sugar. K2 got jealous when he saw me with a bowl and spoon; he wanted in on the action. So I gave him some and he sure liked it.

It is overcast and I feel really antsy about wanting to get out there and get some weeding done on a day when the sun isn’t burning down. I just hope it is still cloudy when I get done working this afternoon – but it will probably burn off. The rocks in the front by the street are almost completely covered by the weeds that are growing along the ground – they creep me out for some reason and I really want to get them out of there so I don’t have to look at them and get grossed out. Strange, I know.

Well, better get some work done. AN all day – workout tonight. I think I’ll be doing my fourth workout on Saturday this week, perhaps Saturday night depending on K’s work schedule this weekend.


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