So Weird

July 1, 2008 at 12:27 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

Our bodies are so weird! I fasted yesterday up until about 5:30, when my sister-in-law practically waved a chocolate-brownie-muffin under my nose (not really, but she offered, and she usually guards these things like gold bricks) and I am surprised I didn’t get some up my nose I tried to inhale it so fast. 🙂 And then another. Great way to end a fast. They were so gooood; I don’t feel bad. Then, I had two bites of the chicken cacciatore I was feeding K2 all mushed up – its great when your baby’s food tastes good enough to share. I regretted feeding him that later last night, but more on that in a minute.

Then we went home, and I worked out after putting K2 down. But he woke up an hour after he went down and screamed for 45 minutes straight. I think his tummy was upset by all the chicken and sauce from the cacciatore, and probably the 3 or 4 cheese puffs halves I’d given him earlier. Poor baby. Gotta remember that just because he can swallow it doesn’t mean he should have it. I’ll be more discerning from now on, because the 45 minutes of screaming was not pleasant. But, get a load of this. I stayed calm and patient and loving the whole time!!! I didn’t get mad and frustrated like I usually do, flopping him down in a bed or on the floor and having to walk away. No, I held him, rubbed his tummy, his back, kissed him, wiped his boogers (which just made him more mad), and generally comforted him until it started to finally work. When he finally calmed down, I let him crawl around for a while until I finished my workout (even thought it was split in half, it was a good workout) and then I put him and P to bed. It was about 9:20 by that point, and I got a little crazy with the snack items we bought yesterday at Sam’s. I had 2 bowls of cheese puffs, 5 pieces of Red Vine licorice, a grilled cheese sandwich w/ Muenster cheese, 2 plates of raspberries w/ sugar sprinkled (I use the word ‘sprinkled’ but it was more like ‘poured’ 😉 on them. And then I made myself quit eating. What a dinner to finish off a fast, huh? Sheesh. Oh, and two Nutrisodas (have you ever had those? Yum!), which only have 15 calories each, but still that’s a lot of carbonation.

This morning, I forgot to weigh in right away, what with my panicked run to the bank to get money in the account before our mortgages came out (unsuccessful, but since I missed by mere minutes, the bank reversed the NSF charges). I had breakfast, did the dishes, and started a load of laundry when I got back, and didn’t remember about weighing until I went upstairs to get ready for the office. So I weighed then, with breakfast in me. 228.5. What is THAT all about? Not that I’m complaining, but it just seems weird, doesn’t it?

I’m not necessarily taking this as a genuine loss. But it does excite me. I will be working out again tonight; I decided to start my 4-day bootcamp since this week should be a little less frenetic than last week and my cold is subsiding. Then starting another fast tomorrow night like I said. I’m doing a basically AN day today; K is making spaghetti for dinner and the way he makes it the only thing not really good for me will be the pasta. The sauce will have all kinds of veggies and spices in it. So I’ll take it easy on the pasta and heavy on the sauce and keep any snacks after dinner AN. No more cheese puffs, at least not today.

Coming up on the 6th, which is Sunday, I’m going to measure again because it will have been a month since my last  measurements. I’m not expecting a great difference, but hopefully a little here and there.

Okay, gotta get some work done. Time to stop rambling on about EVERYTHING.


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