I hope this is PMS because I need it to go away

June 27, 2008 at 11:24 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I hate to blame anything on PMS – but hey, it happens. Last night: 2 butter/sugar bagels, a couple cookies, dinner of homemade shepherd’s pie. At the office, went and got a Starbucks parfait and a piece of coffee cake with a leftover gift card that I had. I really wanted Mrs. Field’s, which was farther down the street and I didn’t have a gift card. But I’m sure the Starbucks was just as much damage.

Today: 2 bagels, toasted. 1/2 of one with cream cheese, the rest with butter and sugar. Big glass of chocolate milk. About 5 small cookies.

Wow. Haven’t worked out since Monday night. Didn’t weigh this morning – I was dressed before I remembered. But even if I’d remembered I probably would have been scared to step on. A lot of this is product of feeling like I’ve derailed myself, and the cold. When I don’t feel good I look to food for comfort even more than I usually do.

Well, it will stop. I’m going to eat moderately for the rest of the day (lunch at the park with Mom and A and her kids), and tomorrow night I’ll start another fast. Monday will be AN per plan. I’m not going to start working out again until Monday – trying to let this cold run its course. Last night I went to bed at 10, earlier than I have gone to bed in weeks. Trying to get plenty of sleep.

I guess unless an illness makes my throat hurt and makes it actually painful to eat, most illnesses will have me running for the food to “feel” better. Good to know. 🙂 So I can watch out for it next time and not let it do so  much damage like today and yesterday. Will know how much damage tomorrow when I weigh in.

Doesn’t help that we don’t have any money and we need groceries – fresh food. We have canned and frozen stuff.

This is my first day of being online from 8:30 – 1:30. Mom and A will be here at about 12:30, so I can check email up until the time we leave for the park after we make sandwiches. I’ll turn my machine off before we leave so that when I get back I can do other things without the computer calling me with its siren call to come sit down and escape this life in cyberspace. Knowing that I have to turn it off has helped keep me a little more focused than normal this morning. Except for right now while I blog. 🙂


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