June 26, 2008 at 11:00 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

Another short post since I’m at work again. Just got here, about to dive into more archiving. Weighed in at 230 this morning, then 230.5, then 229.5. I’m taking the third and running with it. And I think I might need a new scale. Or something. That third was after I’d eaten breakfast.

Fasted yesterday until dinner at Outback for Mom’s birthday. 60th. Wow. Had a salad with chicken salad on it. Then had key lime  pie. Only water and didn’t have much  bread due to a mix-up about which Outback location we were supposed to go to. Last night had 2 small cookies, a cup of chocolate milk, a Twix, and 1/3 of a king-size Snickers. Ate the rest last 1/5th this morning with breakfast. Not good, I know. All of that was unnecessary since I was quite satisfied from dinner. Oh, well. Its a new day.

Today is supposed to be AN. Won’t quite be since I brought noodle leftovers for lunch with my chicken and salad, and because of that bit of Snickers. But it should be a good day.

I didn’t work out last night for two reasons: 1) I left my TWO DVD in my computer at the office, and 2) I’m still sick. Going to take it easy for the next few days and just try to eat moderately while I kick this cold.

That’s it for today – gotta get to work!!


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