No interesting titles popping to mind

June 24, 2008 at 11:32 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

But the day is going okay, despite the lack of titles. I got up around 7:45 after my phone alarm went off at 7:30. About an hour earlier than I normally get up, but maybe that will get my into bed a little earlier and able to get to sleep.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to turn my computer off (I know, gasp!) and get something else done, since I was just sitting there not getting work done. I turned it off and went outside in the backyard to weed. Our backyard has gone from an oasis of grass and dark mulch  to a poopy, dead grass, weed jungle. It was overcast and kind of cool instead of blistering like it has been a lot so far this summer, and I took advantage of that to weed for about an hour and a half. I finished about 1/2 of the backyard and felt quite accomplished, if dirty. Also, all that bending over had my hamstrings quite sore this morning, which was a pleasant/unpleasant side-benefit. P “helped” a little. Mostly she just ran around and talked about nothing and asked me questions. Then, I came in and made a dinner for myself and P while P and K2 played on the kitchen floor with all of P’s plastic food items for her little toy kitchen. I made an egg/potato/zucchinni scramble for myself and a hot dog, carrots, and cheese for P. I tried to feed K2 some pees, carrots, and baby rice mixture, but he was having none of that once he caught sight of my plate. So he got some eggs and potatoes, too.

After I got the kids down last night, I almost convinced myself not to work out. But I squashed the voices that told me to sit down, relax, tomorrow is soon enough to be working out. Its not working anyway, etc. You know the voices. 🙂 Squashed ’em hard, and had a great workout. Got done around 10 and went upstairs to shower and wash the bathtub simultaneously. Then sat on my bed and watched one of my recorded shows before laying down to go to sleep. And still couldn’t get to sleep even though it was almost midnight. Oh, and before my shower, I weighed in at 230.5. A pound and a half less than yesterday morning. Weird. But just goes to show the voices to shut-up.

This morning, weighed in at 230. Got the kids up and ready and myself ready for work, and then woke K up so we could go to his sister’s for breakfast. Which was a smorgasbord of stuffed french toast, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, and juice. Sheesh! I ate too much, but not too too much, if you know what I mean. And it was reeeaaally good.

So now I’m at the office, making this post before diving in and getting some serious work done. Just quickly, I’ve made a new resolution/goal to get up in the mornings, get some real work done – perhaps 3-4 hours worth, and then TURN MY COMPUTER OFF every day! So that I can have a life, get other things done. Be more than a one-dimensional martyr sitting at my computer while the world goes on around me without my participation. Tonight when I leave here, I’m going to leave my computer here since I’ll be coming back tomorrow and Thursday. So if I want to waste time on the computer tonight or tomorrow morning before I come in, I’ll have to turn on my big home-PC. I’ve made a list of all the things I should/could be doing while I’m not on the computer. Hobbies, housekeeping items, playing with the kids, yardwork, etc. I want to have a life – and working part-time I should be able to. I just need to learn how to not sit at the computer full-time when I’m only getting paid to do it part-time. So here’s to being more productive and happy! And managing my time a little better, even if I’m not an expert. Whoot!



  1. syinly said,

    I can relate because I find hard to get anything done. My kids talk about all you do is get on the computer. Then I get sided tracked from what I’m suppose to get done online

  2. farebear said,

    Thanks for the comment syinly!

    I sent out an email to my bosses yesterday telling them of my new “hours” and that after those hours I was going to shut my machine off. My direct supervisor agreed to the change. I’m excited to start trying it on Friday since today is an exception – I’m in the office again.

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