Busy, Busy Bee

June 21, 2008 at 9:24 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

Today, I feel like I got a lot done, and yet not enough at the same time. I touched up the paint throughout my kitchen, put all the outlet covers back on, did a bunch of dishes, unloaded the dishwasher when they were done, loaded it again. I washed down the counters really well, and put almost everything away (our counters have been almost completely covered for a while with ‘stuff’ that doesn’t really have a home), swept the kitchen, washed the sliding glass doors inside and out, touched up the paint on a bunch of the baseboard corners where the dogs have scratched it off, or it has just come off from the crappy construction.

As a family, we went to see a bunch of house models this afternoon, one of P’s favorite activities. They were gorgeous homes, well beyond our financial capabilities right now. But its fun to dream, right? Then, we took a bunch of DVD’s that I had culled out of our collection to Entertainmart and sold them …. and got $87! I was pretty stoked about that. So, because we’re us, we immediately used half to go out to dinner at Red Robin. Which was yummy and a good way to start my fast, other than the malt I had. I had a chicken wrap with a cup of tortilla soup. It would have been a perfect portion without the malt, but with the malt I was overly full. We came home and K left for work soon after. K2 was really tired, so I put him to bed a little earlier than  usual and continued to work on getting the kitchen into a cleaner state than its seen in months, sat with P while she fell asleep in my arms, put her to bed, and then came back downstairs and finished the kitchen. Wow, it looks great if I do say so myself. Just having the outlet covers back on and the tape taken off the edges is a huge improvement. I TRIED to start caulking the edge of the counter where it comes up against the wall, but caulking is hard work! My hand was barely strong enough to squeeze out about a foot-long section and then I gave up. K is going to have to do it for me. I’ll do the smoothing and cleaning up if he’ll just squeeze out the stuff for me. Sheesh! Who knew?

So, to eat today, I’ve had pancakes (which K made – yay for having my husband up early enough to make breakfast!), ……. and I just realized that I hadn’t eaten again until we went to Red Robin. I was so focused on getting all that stuff done that I hadn’t stopped to eat all day! I did have a mini-Sierra Mist soda at one of the house models. Other than that, spinach tortilla chicken wrap, chicken tortilla soup, about 3 of K’s fries, and that malt were all I’ve had to eat today other than the pancakes. Hmmm. Interesting what being busy can do for your food intake, eh?

I’ve decided that my next big project (besides finishing the caulking), is going to be getting the outside yard (front and back) into tip-top shape. I think I’ll start Monday afternoon in the backyard, pulling the weeds after I call someone to come pick up all the dog-p00p back there. Cuz I really don’t want to work back there right now – it rained today, and with the warmth and the humidity when the ground is wet back there, it is BEYOND fragrant! Yuck! Plus, I don’t want to walk around worrying constantly if I’m about to step in something that isn’t dirt, or accidentally stick my hand in a p00p-fertilized weed. Fish, our newest dog, has done taken some nasty turns back there – eeww. Let’s leave it at that.

But getting the backyard back into good condition, trying to get the grass to come back, calling a landscaper to help us figure out why the programmer for our sprinkler system isn’t turning the water on from the console in the garage, putting breeze down where there used to be mulch. All these things will get it so that my dogs aren’t constantly coming into the house muddy, covered in what used to be mulch but is now just really big pieces of dark dirt, etc. It will  also make the backyard somewhere where I want to spend time, versus the eye sore that it currently is. Somewhere where I can send the kids to play – well, for that I have to get some kind of swing set or something for entertainment. Right now, all they can do is run around (has its merits), or play in the dirt (which they love, but I don’t).

Okay, now that some of that brain dump is over, it is 9:20 and I had myself pretty much convinced not to exercise. That I deserved a day off – but I didn’t work out yesterday because of our date and that K didn’t go to work when we got home like I expected him to  – so I really should work out now. Ugh. Don’t want to. Won’t do it tomorrow because its Sunday. Should do it tonight. I’m fasting, so I don’t need to eat. I could watch TV, but there’s nothing recorded that I’m dying to see. I could continue to work; I have clean clothes I need to fold and put away, I could mop the kitchen floor, or try my hand at caulking some more (NOT).

Well, the longer I sit here typing nonsensically, the later it will be that I get done working out. So I’m off to do a TWO. I think. I’ll tell you tomorrow if it actually happened. Oh, and I weighed in at 231.5 this morning. Which I’m hoping is just because of the big ‘date-meal’ last night.


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