Thursday – wish the week was over day

June 19, 2008 at 9:05 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I’m thinking about not going into the office today since P is sick. But K really can handle that just as well as I could, so I should go in. I’m just feeling extremely unproductive this week, and feeling guilty that I’m not performing up to par. My boss thinks of me as her go-to staff member, and my ‘go-to’ is tired. I don’t want to let her down and there are some deadlines coming up that I’ve really got to be ready for, so I need to step it up. Okay, I’ve convinced myself to go in this afternoon and focus on the project that has to be ready by Monday. Then I can come home and not feel guilty that I probably won’t get anything done on Friday. Oh, wait, there’s another deadline Friday, too. So I guess I’ll have to kick it into gear for this afternoon AND tomorrow. Ugh.

I’m hungry this morning. There could be multiple reasons: I haven’t drank a lot of water, my last meal was just eggs and lots of vegetables (no rice or potatoes or something), I didn’t go to bed until midnight (stupid), P got me up earlier than usual this morning, etc. Anyway, I’m going to drink some water and hope that helps. Soon, I’ll have to get ready for work so that should take my mind off wanting to eat something.

I’m going to go weigh myself and then come down and add that to this post …. hold on … dangit, 230.5. I was hoping to see a new number this morning after the last couple of days of not overeating. That’s okay. Perhaps it is my body’s delayed reaction to the chocolate on Tuesday. Or maybe it is new muscle after last night’s workout. Or maybe too many eggs in one day is making me retain water. Who knows? I guess its still territory I’ve only been in for a week or so.

One thing I do know is that I’ve been drinking a lot of Country Time lemonade over the past few days. Unnecessary calories and sugar that I could do with out. So I’ve made a new rule that I can have one glass/cup of lemonade at dinners and that is all. The rest of the time it needs to be water. Okay, gotta go vacuum so that my little crawler (K2) doesn’t get too filthy as he moves around today.


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