First time Fasting has felt a little depriving

June 19, 2008 at 6:52 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

This hasn’t felt like a depravation diet at all so far. I’ve been doing this ‘plan’ for almost 3 full weeks (Saturday night makes 3 weeks), and I haven’t felt deprived at all. Fasting has been done mostly at home, and when it didn’t work to fast, I’ve changed my day. Like today. Well, since I was fasting when I went to the office today, I was glad to go knowing there weren’t any meetings scheduled. Meetings that had lunches accompanying them. So I wouldn’t have to resist pizza, or bbq, or sandwiches and cookies, or whatever spread they put out.

Well, turns out today was the day that they had brownies sitting in the conference room where I was working, ice cream cake and Mud Pie for an afternoon monthly birthday celebration, and chocolate galore in the chocolate jar. And I fasted. And I was a little bummed. But it was much easier to not have any because I just wasn’t eating than to not have any because I was trying to be ‘good’, or to have ‘just a little and then stop’. So, for that I’m grateful. I compromised just a little by grabbing a couple bite-size chocolates to bring home and have after I broke my fast at dinner. And boy, were they good. 🙂

Tomorrow is Friday and would normally be my normal, maintenance level day. But since I fasted today which is usually my AN day, I’ll do an AN day tomorrow until dinner. Dinner, I am going on a date with my husband!! Yay!! Its only been, oh, about 3 months since our last date. And before that about 6 months. So I’m pretty excited. We’re going to go out to a restaurant where I’ve got a gift certificate. I’ve been there a lot for lunch and I always get the same thing, but I think their dinner menu is a little different so I’m excited to try something new. Their portions are kind of ‘gourmet’, so I won’t be in much danger of overdoing it no matter what I get. But if the gift certificate will cover it, I’m getting dessert because their desserts are amazing.

I’m tired, and it was a long afternoon at the office. So I’m still deciding whether or not I’m going to do a 15-minute workout after the kids go down, or maybe SATI, which takes 20 minutes. Tomorrow, I’ll need to do a full workout after our date when K leaves for work and I’ve put the kids in bed.

This morning, I weighed again after I took a serious visit to the bathroom. And weighed in at 230 instead of 230.5. Call me a cheater, but I’m taking the 230. 🙂


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