Where is the weight coming off?

June 18, 2008 at 5:37 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I’ve been thinking about the 5-7 pounds I’ve lost so far on my plan, and wondering if it wasn’t really all just the fact that I stopped nursing K2 right before I started the plan. I was a bit tender in the chest area for about a week, and now I’m to the point that I can sleep at night without a br3 if I want to. So that makes me wonder, did all the weight just come out of my chest, and now I’m stuck at 229/230 because my plan isn’t really going to work/isn’t working? I’m not going to stop …. I’m going to keep going and hopefully I’ll continue to see the numbers go down, if not as quickly.

Today, I’ve had a quiche at Mimi’s Cafe, which I couldn’t even eat all of. That came with some fruit and a salad, and I didn’t eat even close to all of that. I was too distracted by my children and my sister’s children. Argh. We went ‘shopping’ at Kohl’s since they’re having some good sales. And by the time we got around to looking at something that my mom might have been willing to buy for me (I have no money), I was so sick of the kids and their nonsense (mostly my sister’s youngest – he isn’t feeling good and is a handful even when he’s feeling well) that I didn’t even want to stick around long enough to decide on something (read: shoes). Then we went to Mimi’s and by the time we paid the check and got out of there, I was just way excited to leave and be done with what was supposed to be a fun little outing. So, I’m hoping that my sister, mom, and I can go again soon without the little ones. As loved as they are, they don’t make for good shopping or good lunch conversation.

Aside from the quiche, I had a muffin with my lunch, which I did eat all of. And some bread from the breadbasket. Since we got home, I’ve had lemonade and a piece of pizza – which I didn’t even really enjoy. The problem now is that I was going to start a new fast since I didn’t fast today, but it is 5:30 and there is nothing in sight for a good dinner to start me off on the right foot. There are a little leftovers from last night – and I mean little. Oooh, I know! I’ll have another one of those egg/zuchinni/cheese frittata thingies that was so delicious the other day. Yeah! Yummo! And maybe a salad on the side. Is that too much egg in one day? Quiche for lunch and eggs for dinner? Hope not, because that is officially now the plan.

K2 is chewing on my laptop bag wheels, P is watching Toy Story 2 after taking a little power nap on my lap before K2 got up. She’s sick – I don’t know if I’m going to go into the office tomorrow because of it.

Okay, off to make my dinner and start my fast. Also going to do a Total Workout tonight after kids are in bed. Did BWO+ last night.

BTW – our house is a disaster. So much so that I don’t even know where to start cleaning it up. Frustrating.


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