June 12, 2008 at 9:54 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I felt that this number deserved to be the title of my post today. I guess I’m full of crap when I say I’m trying not to invest much in the number on the scale, because I have to admit to the feeling of elation that came when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw this number that I haven’t seen since before my son was born.

I kind of new that if I could just rein in my eating to a reasonable level and exercise regularly that my body didn’t want to stay at the weight it was at. It just took me a while too find a plan I thought I could live with and the motivation to apply it. Plus, I’ve been wanting to try this intermittent fasting thing for a long time but since I was nursing I had to wait.

One thing I have been thinking about is that I’ll need to have a lot of control when I get pregnant again after I lose the weight to control my food intake to a reasonable level so that I can limit my weight gain to 30 pounds or less, but without being able to fast. But that is a ways off and I guess I shouldn’t create problems before they exist. I have plenty of existing problems to think about.

Yesterday’s fast went well; I ended up spending the afternoon out on my own running errands, taking my time. I was out for about 3 hours – and its been a while since I was out without one of the kids or someone else and that alone time was nice. It rejuvenated me and put me in a realy good mood. We went over to K’s sister’s house for dinner, which is where I broke my fast. We had chicken tacos and I didn’t really eat much because I was surprisingly not hungry. And I made mine more like a chicken taco salad since I didn’t use a taco shell, nor did I use the tortilla chips. I did have a handful of M&M’s on the way out of her house from the little jar sitting on the piano. Yum. But glad that jar isn’t sitting in my house because it would be GONE.

At home, I put K2 to bed and went outside for 30 minutes to work on the rocks so that P could be outside until her bed-time. Then we came in and I started my TWO while P watched one of her recorded Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes. When it was over I paused my workout and put her to bed. I finished up my workout at about 9:40, took a shower …….

and then did something I haven’t done in almost 2 years. I PAINTED MY TOENAILS!!! I can get to my toes without having my breathing restricted by all my squooshed fat!! YAY! My toes look so pretty (as pretty as toes can look, anyway)! I still can’t bend my knee up directly under my chin, but I can get to my toes easily enough. Progress in the small things, folks. After I got done pedicuring myself, I had a bowl of vanilla yogurt with some hot chocolate powder. mmmmm……

Today is an AN day. Started off with oatmeal. P saw my painted toes this morning and immediately started begging for her toes to be painted. So we’ve done that, and now I have to go get ready to go into the office.

Wish me luck on another all-natural day.


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