T-Tapp – form tips I’m trying to incorporate

June 10, 2008 at 1:02 pm (Plan)

This is kind of to remind me – and to post something a little different.

Besides keeping toes forward, bottom tucked, knees to little toe, shoulders back, and lats locked, tummy tight is something I’m having to remind myself of a lot more than the others. I’ve gotten so lax in pulling my tummy in over the last few years since getting pregnant. Before that, I held my tummy in ALL the time and I think it helped keep my tummy flatter and stronger. Now, my stomach is definitely the weakest, most out of shape part of my body. So holding my tummy in tight during all the moves and not forgetting about it is something I’m struggling to reinstate.

The other main one that I’m trying to work on, is when my toes are forward and my knees are out, to keep my feet flat on the floor, just pulling up on my big toe, so that my feet aren’t actually rotating out and my ankles aren’t bending out. If I can just keep my feet planted and flat and my knees out with everything else tucked and tightened, I feel it in my legs a lot more than  if I let my ankles go out and my feet come off the inside of my foot.

Keeping my tummy tight is something I’m trying to remember when I’m just walking or sitting around, not just when I’m working out. I think it will help a lot to strengthen my stomach and get rid of my baby shelf if I really work on pulling my gut in instead of relaxing and letting it fall out all the time.

Okay, gotta get some work done.


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