June 6, 2008 at 8:10 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

It has been a long week. What with working longer hours than I normally do, starting the first full week of my weight loss plan, P being a royal pill all week, and having PMS (didn’t know that’s what it was), I’m ready to have this week be over.

When our neighbor moved in across the street, the old owner (whom we were friendly with) left his practically new washer and dryer. We bought them from the new (1 year) neighbors today for $150. Yay!!! K put them in today and got them running. They aren’t my dream set, but they’re definitely a step up from our 1970’s units. Yippee-yay!! P spent  the afternoon playing with her cousin A and the boy across the street, and I talked with the boy’s mom a while. She’s really nice, with a sense of southern hospitality that I’m really impressed with.

Haven’t worked out today yet, but planning on working out as soon as the kids go to bed. Went to Drifter’s Burgers tonight for dinner because SIL said it was supposed to be just like In and Out, which is supposed to be great. Never had it though, so can’t compare. It was okay, though it just tasted like a fast-food burger to me, with some good fries. Shake was good, too. Other than that, just had salad w/ hb eggs, grated carrots, avocado, and Ranch, and oatmeal for breakfast. Probably need to make sure to not eat a lot tonight to make up for Drifter’s.

Did my measurements today, and I’ve lost about 7.75 inches since March 31. So that is a little over 2 months. For not having lost any weight, I guess that’s pretty good. But I hope for much more losses soon.

BTW – yesterday’s AN day went well except for a glitch with a peanut butter cookie at lunch at work. I took my AN lunch and had it instead of the spread they provided for the lunch meeting, but that peanut butter cookie was calling my name. I don’t feel bad, though, that’s life and I think I’ve made up for it in self-control otherwise. Tomorrow will be a normal day like today, and I’ll start my next fast tomorrow night after dinner. Oh, and with my TOM starting. First time in a LONG time, what with the pregnancy and nursing, and the nursing and pregnancies before that. Not too excited about that, mostly because it means we need to be careful now since I’m not ready to get pregnant again. I need to research rhythm method.

Tomorrow, the kids will probably play some more, which means I’ll have to be outside or across the street. So hopefully I’ll get more yard work done and some house work as well.

Gotta go put the kids down, work out, get a little work done, and relax a little before bed.


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