Starting 2nd Fast

June 3, 2008 at 9:14 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

It is Tuesday night. I’ve been thinking about the difference between this blog and my personal journal, which I keep in my Google docs, and if I want to just keep my personal journal here. But I’ve decided that I will continue to maintain both. I might copy some of these posts into my journal so as not to re-type some things, but for the most part I want to keep the majority of my personal life out of this blog. I want it to be mainly about my health/nutrition/fitness quest. But since I have a problem with being very chatty when I start typing, there will probably be little doses of my life interspersed with the quest stuff.

That said, moving on. Yesterday’s AN day went pretty well. Shortly after I wrote yesterday’s post, K came downstairs and we all ended up going to Sam’s Club together and then to the dealership. So we were gone almost all afternoon. I ate a small sample of a quesadilla as Sam’s before I remembered my AN day, and it definitely wasn’t all-natural. But it was about 2 or 3 bites, so I’m not too worried about it. We also bought some zipfizz drinks that are sweetened with xylitol; not all natural, but about 10 calories per 16 oz serving and they taste really good. They have energy stuff in them, too. I had a water bottle full of that with a little creamer in it that the test-taste guy made for me (tastes like a creamsicle).

After the dealership, we came home and P saw the little neighbor boy out front and started begging to play with him. So while K made dinner, I went and sat on our neighbor’s porch and chatted while the kids played. K made some BBQ chicken breasts with bakes sweet potatoes and green beans. It was a great dinner.

Dinner over, K left for work, I put the kids to bed, did TWO at 9:20 at night – yay me!! When I got done at about 10:15, I ate a pear, went to shower, and went to bed. Didn’t even turn on the TV.

So, on plan.

Today’s been good. Had eggs/pb toast/pineapple for breakfast. Had a meeting at the office with lunch. Grilled turkey/sauerkraut sandwiches (had 2 quarters, so about 1/2 a sandwich), and a salad with some grilled chicken and vinagrette. Had a couple of zipfizzes to drink.

When I got home from work, there wasn’t any dinner made and K was leaving for work. So I took some leftover chicken from last night and had a big salad w/ that cut up,  1/2 an avocado, little cheese, little bit  of Ranch, and some grated carrots. Then I started my fast.

I’m fasting now, but I’m drinking water during this one. Which is a good thing because I’m really thirsty. I did the BWO+ tonight after putting K2 down for bed, and I really need to get off the computer so I can put P down.

I think it will be interesting to fast tomorrow while working at home. Sunday’s are different, so I think this one will be harder.


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