First Fast

June 1, 2008 at 11:17 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

It is Sunday morning. P is running around in one of her dress-up dresses over her nightshirt. K2 is rolling around entertaining himself with one of P’s flip-flops. He didn’t start making noise in his bed until 9:30 this morning. P woke up at 8:30. So I guess that means I got plenty of sleep, although it didn’t feel that way when P came into my room this morning.

I started my first fast last night after dinner. It felt really weird to not eat or drink after about 6:30 PM, but as much as I had the urge to eat, I had to admit that I wasn’t hungry. My weird dinner was an odd combination, but very satisfying: some scrambled eggs w/ cheese, a piece of toast, salad w/ some cut-up turkey, little cheese, and ranch. So it wasn’t really a big deal that I couldn’t snack; the urge to eat came primarily from habit. I spent the evening giving the kids baths, putting them to bed, watching a show on my computer that I missed this last week (Men in Trees), taking a shower, and then watching the rest of a What Not to Wear episode and a Moving  Up episode in bed. I stayed up later than necessary since I was pretty tired. Yesterday was an interesting day.

I got up at about the usual time, although before P for once. I looked out the window at the street and noticed that a couple people across the street were setting up for the community-wide garage sales that had been flyer-advertised. Oh, yeah! I had totally forgotten and was definitely not prepared. But I thought, why not? Maybe I can get some money for some of P’s old clothes; there are way more than any new baby-girl will need if we have another, plus that won’t be for a while anyway. And maybe I could find another couple things to try and sell. So I started to scramble around, pulling out rubbermaids of clothes and going down in the crawl space to see if there  was anything else to try and pawn off on some unsuspecting stranger. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, all of P’s clothes that I kept are in great condition, so I don’t feel guilty about trying to sell those. But I also got out a stormvac – the free one I got that never got used because the one I paid for was such a piece of crap, an aerobics step that I’d bought at a sale and never used, and a baby bathtub that I’d never liked. So, long story short, after sitting in my driveway with all these things spread out in front of me, I sold a few pieces to two different individuals for .50 each, and THEN this couple came up and started looking through and then  out of the blue the man said, “give you $50 for all the girls clothes.” I was so startled I just looked from him  to my mom (she’d come down to help me and was working on pulling weeds in the rocks at the time) and said ‘uuuhh’. My mom came back pretty quickly, “$75!”. I couldn’t believe it, they were bargainning to buy ALL of the clothes! So I did it – sold him all of P’s old clothes for 75. I  got them a couple of big plastic bags to haul them away in – as they were loading them up the man told me that they have gotten addicted to going to this place on one of the military bases where you can box up clothes and ship them to Iraq for just $9 and they give them to the Iraqi children over there. My mom was skeptical that they were really going to do that and not go try to resell the clothes for a profit somewhere, but I hope they were telling the truth. It makes me happy to think that some child in Iraq will get to wear those clothes; they were really cute and in good shape.

So after basically all my goods were gone, I ran to the bank to deposit K’s paycheck, and then came back and we took P and K2 out in the stroller to see what other people were offering. Actually, the showing was pretty sad, very few people participated. And what we saw was almost all junk. There was one spread that had a lot of cute kids toys and clothes, but the prices weren’t cheap enough for my blood. 🙂

After walking around, Mom took P and I to Arby’s for lunch after I put K2 down for his nap. K was up and sitting in bed watching TV, but I didn’t even bother telling him we were leaving. He’d figure it out. After a nice lunch with Mom (we got to talk about some stuff that’s been bothering me), she took us home. P and I waited for K to get done watering the yard and then we went out to do more yardwork – continuing what Mom had started while my “garage sale” was in session. That turned into an afternoon of weeding for me interspersed with talking to our neighbors across the street and helping P play with their little boy who is just a little older than her. They played with water balloons, ran through the sprinklers, had a juice box and a popsicle, and played with a bubble machine. It was a magical afternoon for P. It was a nice time for me, too, as I enjoyed sitting and talking with them. They are such nice people, and their little boy is very nice, too. They treated P so patiently and welcomed her and she even started to come out of her shell and TALK to them! It was great! I got the entire front patch of rocks weeded – got myself a GREAT sunburn (*ow*), and it kept me from eating my way through a boring Saturday afternoon. P didn’t watch any TV AT ALL yesterday and it was MARVELOUS!!

Then we came inside and had dinner, and I started my fast.

So, about that. I’m well into it, and have yet to feel a real hunger pang. I fed P and K2, it is now after 11 AM and I’m doing fine. I’m not sure I’m energized, but I don’t feel groggy. I actually feel like I could do a good workout right now if it weren’t Sunday. When I’m done with this post, (which will have to be soon because K2 needs to go down for a nap) I’ll put K2 down and start getting ready for church. Since today is Fast Sunday (the first Sunday of the month), I won’t have to teach my class today so I have no preparation to do as I usually do. I’ve spent the morning basically reading people’s blogs, writing this post, and taking care of the kids. I got some chicken out to thaw for dinner, though I don’t know what I’ll make with it. But I want to make a good, healthy dinner to break this fast. And tomorrow is an AN day – for real this time. 🙂 Tuesday will be a regular man-made, try to eat in moderation day, and then I’ll start my next fast Tuesday night.

Good so far – I’ll keep you posted on how the next 7 hours go! 


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