‘Before’ Pictures

June 1, 2008 at 6:48 pm (Plan)

I took these last night after the first evening of my first fast. That fast is now over, and I should probably post the pictures. I cropped off my head, because I really don’t feel secure with how I look in these pictures. I’m wearing the swimsuit that I bought about a month and a half ago for an appointment with a trainer that was going to show me some exercises I could do in the pool. I haven’t worn the suit since that day until last night.

The fast went well. I got hungry, but it helped that coming up toward the end, I was at church and didn’t have any options for eating. I came home from church, got changed and got P situated and started dinner. K left almost right after we got here; he didn’t have it in him to get up early enough to go to church with us. So I’d left K2 home with him, and they had a nice afternoon together. As I made dinner (with no clear-cut plan before I started cooking), I kept coming up with stuff to add to it. I don’t think it got too crazy,  and I’m not uncomfortable now. But I probably could have eaten less and been fine. I also don’t think I overdid it. I made some pasta with white sauce, but only had that as a small side. The main dish was a huge lettuce salad with some hamburger mixed with black and navy beans, a little cheese and Ranch, and 1/2 an avocado. Had some apple juice to go with it. It was a great meal.


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