My history/My Plan Part 2

May 23, 2008 at 11:30 pm (Plan)

Its proving  harder to write a success story in the fictional future than I had thought, so after I finish establishing my history and plan, I’ll attempt it again in my next post.

At the very end of 2007, December 31st to be exact, I went back to the gym. The gym that I’ve been a member of, paying a monthly membership, for  over 3 years. The gym that I only attended regularly for about 6 months after I signed up with a 3 year contract. So, I went back. For the first couple weeks, I did cardio and some un-focused weight lifting. I was just trying to get comfortable with the idea of being there. I had established with my husband that I was going to go to the gym 3 times a week, when he woke up for the day, M-W-F. I didn’t change my eating habits, and in my head that wasn’t important. Because as someone that was technically obese, just adding working out to my life without changing the way I ate would make me lose weight. I assumed that since I was so out of shape, a small change would initiate weight loss and that I could address my eating issues when I plateaued from just working out.

Well, nothing happened that I could tell. I didn’t lose weight. About the end of January I stubbed my toe very hard, hard enough  to talk myself out of going to the gym for week, and then another week. Until I ended up not working out for most of the month of February. March came and I decided to start working out again and try my darndest to establish an unnegotiable habit, regardless of results (or lack thereof). I worked out a minimum of 3 times a week all through March, sometimes more. I also tried (often unsuccessfully) to moderate my eating habits and eat three meals a day with a couple of healthy snacks. At the end of March I redid my measurements that I had taken at the beginning of December. I had lost over 16 inches all over my body, including 3 inches around my hips. Not much had come off around my middle, which is apparently going to be my most stubborn area. Not surprising considering how much of this fat I think was brought on by stress. And babies. 🙂

Since the end of March (and it is now almost the end of May), I’ve managed to basically maintain the inch loss (and the 10 pound loss that came when I was sick during February). I did a few weeks of something called Turbulence Training, which is mostly bodyweight circuits and interval cardio three days a week. I was getting bored and frustrated again with the lack of results, though, as much as I said I was going to do this regardless of results, for my health.

I’ve been wanting to incorporate T-Tapp workouts into my life for a while. But since they are videos that I do at home, I have a hard time being consistent with them. Going to the gym and getting away from the house (kids, dogs, husband) was part of what was keeping me getting at least the 3 workouts a week. Walking the dogs or doing a 15 minute T-Tapp workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays was happening pretty often on Thursdays, rarely on Tuesdays. So about a week ago, thanks to the helpful ideas of the ladies on the T-Tapp forum, I decided to take my portable DVD player and do T-Tapp at the gym, trying not to think about anyone that might wonder what weird workout I’m doing. T-Tapp is supposed to have fabulous benefits from aligning a person’s spine, building muscle mass without heavy weights, amazing inch loss, to lymphatic cleansing. But I’ve never done it consistently for long enough to test any of the claims. But I’m a regular on the T-Tapp forum, and there are a lot of amazing success stories out there with T-Tapp.

I started doing that last Friday. I did T-Tapp TWO at the gym on Friday, Monday, and Wednesday. Tuesday I went for a walk/jog with the kids in the stroller and Cloud strapped to the handlebar. Yesterday (Thursday) I went for a quick 10 minute walk with the kids in the stroller, but it was windy and a bit too chilly for Kimball so we didn’t stay out the 20-30 minutes that I wanted to.

cAs far as any eating plan goes, I have a lot of ideas that I have a hard time instigating. It is hard to overcome the deep-seated habits I’ve established over the past 4 years of eating whatever I want whenever I want it. But here are a couple of the ideas:

When I stop nursing Kimball, which I hope will be within the next couple of months, I want to give Eat-Stop-Eat a try. Fasting is something I haven’t done regularly in almost 4 years, what with nursing and being pregnant. But I remember the clean feeling at the end of a good fast. Obviously, a fast that isn’t for spiritual reasons won’t have the exact same effect, but I can’t imagine that intermittent fasting will have anything but positive affects. Especially since I hope it will help me to forget about food for a while, something I am almost always thinking about.

Natural Made-Man Made eating is another thing I want to try again. Establishing a couple days a week that I only eat Naturally made foods can only have positive health benefits. As long as I have those naturally made foods available and eat enough to be able to resist urges to binge on anything at arms reach. I just need to establish the days, and make sure I have enough options in the house to actually have something to eat that is natural.


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